Carolyn's Natural Soap

It has been a joy and pleasure creating handcrafted soap, lotion, and bug repellent for our many customers. With this said,  we are announcing that we will be closing our doors on or before 12/31/19. Thank you for your support throughout the years. 



Carolyn Reid dreamed of returning to a farm life like she had when she was a child in Morgan Hill, California. In 1996 she and husband Brian, fulfilled their dream by purchasing 60 acres of land in Perry, Kansas. They were committed to producing only natural, organic, whole foods. 


Carolyn was a self made herbalist, healer, wellness coach and lover of people and animals. Her light shone in every word she said and all she created. In 2003, she started a cold processed soap business with extra raw cow milk from her farm in Perry, Kansas. Her passion was to make products that were healing and nourishing to the skin. With knowledge of the healing properties of plants and passion to create products that benefit the skin, Carolyn’s Natural Soap was born. 


Carolyn Reid left this earth on Oct 29th, 2013. On Jan 1st 2014 our business journey began. 

Her daughter, Julie Justus, the dreamer of the family always loved helping her mother grow the soap company. She helped with creating designs, the company logo, the farmers market, the website, blog, and making both soap and lotion. Julie was driven to continue the soap family legacy. With the help from her husband Gregg, and family the business continues. Carolyn’s name and dedication to quality lives on in this generation.

Our products are still made the Carolyn way. We pride ourselves on quality products and service. Everything is handmade in small batches with the utmost care. We only use the best ingredients. We promote honest and loving values. We have a passion to continue learning about the healing knowledge of natural ingredients, and a strong belief that everyone deserves quality products.

We are passionate about sharing our skincare knowledge with you, as well as herbal health, aromatherapy and more natural health and wellness topics. 



Hello, I love your dirty water products. I gave away my salve and my spray to a friend as she was having severe reaction to oak mites. The salve has given her the only relief she's had. My problem is....I need some more salve and you have any that I could buy? I'm sick I gave it to her and didn't know you were out. HELP!!!

Thanks, Mary T


I absolutely love Everything Nice. I have used it for over a year now. It smells amazing! Recently I used it on my daughter's bath. She is 1 and has extremely sensitive skin and eczema. She didn't break out! This little lady has had a reaction to almost every soap I have tried. Just one more reason to love it now.I am also a huge fan of Amazing Grace face lotion. It wakes me up in the morning and it feels great on my skin. There isn't a product that I haven't liked yet. Today I am ordering the Coffee Soap. I can't wait to try it!!

Nicole J


​Wow! I ordered late Tuesday, shipped Wednesday, and got my order today! That is amazing service! the products smell great and I can't wait to use them! And they are locally made!

Dawna O


Thank you for sending me the sample of the Soothe El Solafter skin care, last year. A few weeks ago we had our first opportunity to use it. My daughter got a sunburn on her chest while at a track meet on a cloudy day. She said it instantly felt better after we applied the lotion. Later that evening I burnt my forearm on hot pan and found the same relief after applying your lotion.

Thank you so much!

Stephanie D.


Love.Love.Love the lotion I bought from you the other night at Vino & Vendors. I have applied it once a day since & have not had to reapply! This is really saying something because I have the driest skin. It keeps my skin smooth all day long & the scent of lemon is perfect.

Kelly M.


Hello, just wanted to tell you a bit of my story, and how much your products have changed my life. I've been very I'll for about 4 years, dealing with auto immune issues along with horrible blistering hives/rash. It was bad, covering my entire body, inside my ears & nose to bottoms of feet. Doctors couldn't figure it out...resulting in patch testing. I have a severe allergy to MI/MCI which is a preservative used in many things, mainly body care products. Soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, almost everything! Anyway, this is where you come in... I found a basket of your soaps for sale. I bought a few to try. I absolutely love your product, it's just about the only thing I can use without having a reaction! It makes my skin feel great, I like all of the scents I've used as well. I even carry a small bar in my purse at all times. I just wanted you to know about the difference your soaps have made in my life. I appreciate what you do!

Megan M.